Jiuxiang Cave


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The Jiuxiang Cave is located in Kunming.Jiuxiang is known as the “museum of karst caves”, which boasts its caves as the largest in scale and number (there are about a hundred karst caves) and has the most wonderful in-cave scenes in China.The caves in the area are praised for their grandeur, wonder grotesquerie and natural beauty.


Location: Kunming


Chinese Tourist Attractions AAAA
National Park Of China
National Geopark Of China
International Show Caves Association (I.S.C.A.)
Member Of International Union Of Speleology


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1.They are many steps,walk slowly please.

2.Guests could take bus from Kunming to Yiliang Town,and change bus from Yiliang Town to Jiuxiang Cave,but there is no bus from Jiuxiang Cave to Stone Forest.

3.It’s cool and windy if guests visit here after November.



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