Upgrading Our Service


Since 2013,we served guests who are from 28 countries,most of they chose Yunnan as the best destination of China,but except Yunnan,where you might interesting in ?


In 2016,we upgraded our service for guests who would like to travel in China.

Yunnan Visitor Center was managed by Yunnan Taste Tourism Service.The YVC is information center and club of travelers.Guests are able to obtain useful information about Yunnan,taste Yunnan specialty,enjoy in the library,meet other travelers and join in our activities.YVC will focus on Minority,Culture,Festival and Heritage of Yunnan,it will be your first stop of Yunnan,as well as a home away from home.

In the future,we will set up other Visitor Center in different district in Yunnan,so that travelers are able to experience the colorful Yunnan.



In 2016,We established On The Way Adventure,which will organize tours all over in China.OTW Adventure will focus on Minority,Culture,Scenery,Outdoor Activities and Heritage of China.Except tours,guests are able to buy nice Chinese products from the online shop.Not only our tours,but also our products will give you the fantastic impression of China.